Prepare your body, mind and soul with a relaxing and thought provoking pre-conference from December 28th-30th, before we kick off the festival on New Year’s Eve and roll in to a new year of exploration, inspiration and creation!

Utsava Maa is a transformative all female festival, uniting extraordinary women from across the globe to share, inspire and collaborate in response to the ongoing international repression and violation of the earth and her daughters.
-The Seed-

Within each woman lies the seed of universal creation and infinite power, lying dormant. The germination and growth of any seed to reach its full potential, is dependent on four factors: Light, water, favorable conditions, temperature
In order to blossom, we require the same care and tenderness. Utsava Maa is therefore designed to reveal, open and nurture the unique, extraordinary seed of potential in every woman.
Light – Illuminating guest speakers, workshops & evolving ideas
Water – Refreshing yoga, meditation, wellness, Ayurveda
Environment – Ritual, rest, reflection, comfort, security, sisterhood
Temperature – Enlivening performances and visual arts
By uniting the western goddess, who transcends national, political, religious, and cultural agendas, with the eastern goddess who emits a Shakti centered spirituality. Utsava Maa brings to light the benefits and pathway to harnessing the eternal feminine power of Shakti, to fulfill our responsibility as the true, irrepressible guardians of the earth, ourselves and womankind alike


Our planet is teetering on the brink of environmental disaster. In the past few decades we have seen unprecedented changes in global conditions and have now entered in to the 6th mass extinction on Earth in roughly 540 million years.Human activity on Earth has exploited, plundered and polluted our planet; corrupting the very air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the homes which shelter us


Historically, women ensured the care and protection of her communal environment. There once thrived a natural, mutual relationship between women and the earth, from which food, medicine and materials were taken sustainably, ensuring future crop yields and a fully healthy, functioning ecosystem. This instinctual affinity between women and the natural world has forever been threatened by patriarchy and capitalism. In the past century we have seen our symbiosis slip rapidly as we move further and further from living in connection with the land.


But it doesn’t have to be this way. The women of Rajasthan still possess the wisdom of the land, as many indigenous cultures do in many countries. Across the globe women are not only maintaining and sharing their knowledge, but campaigning to protect their lands, families and communities under the threatening pressure of big business. Our sisters are blessed with infinite creativity, strength and resilience. Let’s join heads and hearts to bring the most powerful change yet to local levels. Change hearts and minds first, then change the future.