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Interweaving talent and insight from both East and West, the Festival blossoms as 3 dynamic days of talks, workshops, yoga, meditations, performances, traditional and contemporary arts and extraordinary adventure, crafted to inspire and embolden women to take environmental and social action within their local and global communities, no matter what their story

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Utsava Maa is a transformative all female festival, uniting extraordinary women from across the globe to share, inspire and collaborate in response to the ongoing international repression and violation of the earth and her daughters.

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We will be guided in exploring and expressing the light and dark within each of us and develop the confidence to shine in everyday life. Utsava Maa is a platform for every woman to come in to the light, with opportunities throughout for self expression, public speaking, Q&A and debate. This is a platform for every woman to be seen and heard.

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A woman’s body really is a battleground, we must know how to care for and be kind to ourselves. Reset and be refreshed by wholesome home cooked meals, fresh mountain water from our desert well, yoga classes from a host of international teachers, rejuvenating guided meditations and TLC treatments from our wondrous wellness centre.

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Immersed in the desert oasis of Shri Jasnath Asan all worries are left far behind. Lie back in the cool grass and lose yourself watching emerald green parquets play above you, whilst the desert breeze dances through the neem trees and chipmunks chatter from the castle walls. Ritual, rest, reflection and re-connection with nature provide clear perspective on life and a rare opportunity for re-discovery.

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Humankind evolved to dance, sing, share and express ourselves, but this is often repressed in our local communities, this unexplored energy can become dormant, leading to unidentifiable frustration, self-doubt and illness. We have therefore cooked up a pulse quickening 5 day program of film, music, dance, art and performances designed to get you hot under the collar, up and active and enlivened to dance, sing, speak out, debate and celebrate life, the natural world and womanhood.

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Utsava Maa will close on January 3rd with an extraordinary evening’s camel trek across the desert, to an oasis of calm amid the sand dunes, where dinner, dancing and luxurious camping beneath the stars await you. With your spirits uplifted and creativity freely flowing it is time to set out in to the desert in pursuit of adventure! But your journey need not end there… After the festival we have laid on a tour of Rajasthan, Yoga Lifestyle Workshop and Camel tour to Bikaner Camel Festival.

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Get Involved

Bring out the best in you . Participate in various activities and immerse yourself deep into the festivities. We are calling for singers, videographers, photographers. etc.

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Accommodation is split between our large communal tent and newly built guest house, where guests can choose between a single bed in a private room with ensuite, or a single bed in a shared dormitory, with a communal bathroom. The guest house features a rooftop relaxation area, sitting room, basement cinema and small kitchen where guests can independently prepare drinks and snacks during their stay.


Rajasthan has a special place in every international traveller’s diary. Famed for its desert forts and safaris, brilliant palaces and mansions, spectacular temples and wildlife, Rajasthan attracts people from all corners of the globe. Whether to catch a glimpse of medieval ruins, or behold the dexterity of immaculate craftsmanship, to soak in the old world charm, or be enchanted by colourful bazaars – Rajasthan beckons one and all.

Utsava Maa will play out across the tranquil, leafy campus of Shri Jasnath Ashram, a 16th century medieval fort built by the king of Udaipur and blessed by the yogis of the Nath tradition. Situated in the tiny village of Panchla Siddha, It is one of the oldest educational, social, and religious Yoga institutions in Rajasthan– the trading hub of ancient India. The site has a modern yet classical presence, offering the pursuit of inner peace and exploration. Spread out over five noise-free acres, the Ashram boasts several temples, beautiful kitchen garden, newly built guest house with areas, dining hall, yoga studios, Shridiva Wellness Centre, library and much more.



A Glimpse into the world of UtsavaMaa

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