Immerse yourself

Into the world of Utsavamaa


The Shridevi Wellness Center will be open during pre conference and festival on a first come, first serve basis. We have 4 Ayurveda practitioners and 1 physician available for consultations and services. Though lengthy detoxes are not possible during a short stay,  a few feel-good experiences can invigorate a tired body, you may schedule your services upon Arrival


A tent full of local crafters, tribal artisans, and Marwari indigenous innovations will be open during festival so you can see and participate in crafting demonstrations, feel natural textiles, and purchase souvenirs. The tent is designed to help participants reconnect with nature through self-sustaining works such as making blankets, basket, pots, and more. Even taking a temporary tatoo of nature plant based henna on your hands and feet will take you closer to mother earth.

Growth Stalls

Several growth stalls will exist in the Bazaar during festival to help you get involved in making a difference: sponsor a tree, donate to scholarship funds for girls, learn about the growing all female activist networks forming around the world. Step up, step in, and pay it forward.


Hear the story of the Bishnois women who protected the sacred trees of the Thar Desert with their necks! Hundreds were killed in a peaceful demonstration and their bravery lives on in their decendents still occupying simple huts in in the unchanged landscape. The ashram will allow visitors to our Bishnois hut and the family will show you how to thrive in an arid region.

Nature Tour

Take a walking tour of campus and neighboring pond with resident Wildlife Biologist to learn about the medicinal trees and plants, birds and other wildlife that are unique to the Marwar region