"Immersed in the desert oasis of Shri Jasnath Asan all worries are left far behind. Lie back in the cool grass and lose yourself watching emerald green parquets play above you, whilst the desert breeze dances through the neem trees and chipmunks chatter from the castle walls. Ritual, rest, reflection and re-connection with nature provide clear perspective on life and a rare opportunity for re-discovery."

Immerse Yourself In Nature

‘Shri Jasnath Asan is one of India’s only ecological Ashrams, dedicated to the protection and worship of the natural world. Situated in the heart of Rajasthan, it is a glimmering green jewel in the crown of the Thar Desert, where guests can soak in the desert sun, lose themselves in the sound of bird calls and find peace to fully re-connect with the natural world.’


In this hidden corner of paradise we are safe in sisterhood, community and comfort. Release the anxieties of the modern world and leave your worries behind you. Ayurvedic treatments, meditations, yoga, exceptional food and fantastic company await you, all to allow us to let go and relax. When we can truly relax and trust, our true self is able to shine through and beautiful conversations, connections and creativity blossoms.



Each speaker will follow on from their morning talk with an afternoon workshop, inviting the audience to explore the morning’s ideas in greater detail and introduce new found knowledge within their own lives. The festival will play host to a wide range of other workshops covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including: Family constellation therapy, peaceful direct action, self defence, indigenous crafts, public speaking, writing, arts and Ayurveda workshops.


Asan. Ritual will play out throughout the week of Utsava Maa, outlined by a regular schedule of meals, talks, workshops, rest, reflection and action. We will also be performing the unique ritualistic ceremonies of Fire dancing, daily Puja and Havan.

Reflection & Conversation

Around the 500 year old fort of Shri Jasnath Asan we have created numerous spaces to permit for solitude, reflection and new conversations, as well as ample opportunity within our festival program. After a truly powerful line up of talks and workshops it is critical to digest learning and ideas independently, as well as to develop them collectively. We hope Utsava Maa 2019 will be a springboard for new thinking, friendships and evolving projects and have allowed the time and space for their creation.