"Illuminating talks and workshops led by women from across the globe will bring to light some of the most pressing social & environmental issues faced by women today. We will be guided in exploring and expressing the light and dark within each of us and develop the confidence to shine in everyday life. Utsava Maa is a platform for every woman to come in to the light, with opportunities throughout for self expression, public speaking, Q&A and debate. This is a platform for every woman to be seen and heard."


Take some extra time out from your usual routine and gradually ease yourself into Utsava Maa, with 3 introductory days of Yoga, meditation and extraordinary films to inspire and initiate conversations around ecology, divinity and creativity


We have an extraordinary lineup of speakers joining us from across the globe, come together to share their insights, wisdom and practice. There will be talks from female Gurus, teachers, healers, artists, environmentalists, activists, writers, directors, performers and much much more. We will be revealing the identities of our inspirational line up in the coming weeks, so please pay close attention to out Instagram and social media in the lead up to Utsava Maa 2019!


Each speaker will follow on from their morning talk with an afternoon workshop, inviting the audience to explore the morning’s ideas in greater detail and introduce new found knowledge within their own lives. The festival will play host to a wide range of other workshops covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including: Family constellation therapy, peaceful direct action, self defence, indigenous crafts, public speaking, writing, arts and Ayurveda workshops.


Our workshops aim to instigate new friendships and conversations amongst women from around the world, which will endure long after we go our separate ways. We will harness our individual skills and creativity, sharing and exploring ideas together to develop new social and environmental projects for the future, as well as a support network which will stretch across continents.

Growth Stall

Utsava Maa 2019 will be hosting a number of ‘Growth’ Stalls, established to provide relevant information and guidance to signpost attendants to opportunities for action, funding and support on offer from Indian and international organisations. Some of the organisations featured will include: Kiva, Pravah ICS, Solar Saheli, The Sehgal Foundation, StartUp India, Nirnaya Women’s fund