A woman’s body really is a battleground, we must know how to care for and be kind to ourselves. Reset and be refreshed by wholesome home cooked meals, fresh mountain water from our desert well, yoga classes from a host of international teachers, rejuvenating guided meditations and TLC treatments from our wondrous wellness centre.

Food & Drink

We will be serving up 3 fresh, organic, home cooked vegetarian meals daily to everybody in attendance. Ingredients are home grown in our lovingly tended kitchen garden and beautiful fruit farm in nearby rampura. Guests, visitors and volunteers dine together at each meal, cooked and served by male volunteers under the leadership of our fantastic resident head chef

Healthy, balanced eating and good hydration are a core principle at the Ashram and essential to maintaining a healthy, balanced body and mind. Learn how a vegetarian Ayurvedic diet can enhance your health and daily life, meet our well loved dairy cows and explore our kitchen garden. During your stay you can expect –

Homemade breads, porridges, regional sweet and savoury dishes, yoghurt, fresh fruits and vegetables and chai tea.

Regional, unique, distinctive cuisine consisting of bread and a mix of vegetable dishes, served as a Thali and accompanied by fresh salad vegetables and a regional desert to delight.

Yoga Classes

Leading yoga teachers from around the world will be joining us, with at least two yoga classes held daily across a variety of beautiful locations.



Join us in a range of guided meditations aimed to rejuvinate the body and mind , lower blood pressure , improve breathing and heart health. The soothing power of repetition is at the heart of meditation. Focusing on the breath, ignoring thoughts, and repeating a word or phrase – a mantra – creates the biological response of relaxation. 


Each speaker will follow on from their morning talk with an afternoon workshop, inviting the audience to explore the morning’s ideas in greater detail and introduce new found knowledge within their own lives. The festival will play host to a wide range of other workshops covering a broad spectrum of subjects, including: Family constellation therapy, peaceful direct action, self defence, indigenous crafts, public speaking, writing, arts and Ayurveda workshops.

Shridevi Wellness Center

Our resident healers will be providing a full program of treatments throughout the week. book yourself in for a traditional oil massage, steam room session, or hot oil treatment. We offer a variety of massage, healing and Ayurvedic treatments.